Entrepreneur Core 4


The Core 4 includes Function, Burn, Awake, and Recharge.

The CORE 4 aid metabolic function, cognitive/brain function, blood sugar support, and restorative sleep – all of which significantly impact your energy, your focus, and your productivity each day.

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FUNCTION: The synergistic benefit of this proprietary blend is to optimize metabolic function while simultaneously fueling the brain with the essential nutrients it needs to fire on all cylinders.

BURN: A proprietary combination of amino acids involved in fatty acid metabolism. This tri-lipoic complex plays a key role in the breakdown and metabolism of fats in the body and lowers blood sugar. Low blood sugar is a key factor for fatty acid metabolism. This lowers insulin. High insulin blocks fatty acid metabolism, and therefore whole-body fat burning.

AWAKE: This is a proprietary nootropic for increased focus, concentration, and improving mental stamina. This formulation provides an energetic boost increasing cerebral blood flow and in turn assists in a clear state of awareness. This is the “in the zone” mental feeling while working on a project.

RECHARGE: This blend has been created to enhance sleep at night and feeling more relaxed, awake, and better during the day. This relaxation raises GABA and elevates serotonin and dopamine. This assists in stabilizing mood, keeping stress in check, increasing healthy enzyme function, and overcoming a deficiency that overcomes insomnia.


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